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By all rights this photo is garbage. At 1/15 of a second exposure, most of the leg movement becomes a semi-transparend blur. It’s noisy and you can barely make out what it is.

Red Shoe
Red shoe on footbridge.

But somehow it seems to work. This is the magic of some shots.

Like many photographers, I spend good money on equipment so I can squeeze maximum beauty out of each pixel. And that isn’t enough; I must have more pixels. I try to keep this in check, and there’s a name for it; GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Once in awhile, a ppicture like this helps to bring me down to earth.

There was little I could fix in this image. Sometimes a trip to Photoshop and some laborious tweakings can help restore a degree of sharpness to an image that is a little soft – but not here.

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