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John’s Big Note

“John’s Big Note is a very simple plugin to add a big free-form note for your own metadata.”

If you’ve worked in Lightroom for any length of time, there’s come a moment when you’ve wanted to leave yourself a note about the photo, be it details of the shot, or development notes. This plug-in is for you.

The developer John Beardsworth is a Lightroom guru on top of being a great photographer – here’s his photography: http://www.beardsworth.co.uk/photos/ and here’s his Lightroom section: http://www.beardsworth.co.uk/lightroom/.  John writes “Big Note is free and should do the very limited job for which it’s designed. But it is totally unsupported.” He’s serious; after installation, the Lightroom Plug-in Manager reads “No free support. If you can’t figure out how to use this plugin, it’s probably not for you.” http://lightroomsolutions.com/plug-ins/big-note/

I have installed this and it works great! If you’ve installed any plug-ins, it should be relatively easy for you. If it isn’t and you still need it, give me a shout.