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Holy Grail elements for WordPress photography sites

(In addition to photography, I build WordPress websites. Want one? Go to “About” and email me.)
WordPress. Photography. Holy Grail.
Here are the elements necessary:

  1. A good workflow from your photo editor. I am a big fan of Lightroom.
  2. A big shout to Jody’s Meoww App WP/LR Sync for porting images from Lightroom to RML. There are a few quirks. It seems as if you need virtual copies if you want an image in two libraries at once, for example, or funny things happen. Or else I’m missing something. I may have been missing something – now an image in a second library is just represented with a shortcut to the original image and it works easy-peasy. I’ll be talking more about Jordy’s amazing plugins in future posts.
  3. A great WordPress Library organizer. Real Media Library. It integrates well with Meoww Apps Lightroom to WordPress app.
  4. A great gallery. This is where things fall short. Nothing I’ve found compares to Jetpack’s mosaic tiled gallery because of the algorithm it uses to combine and display landscape and portrait images elegantly.
    Two major downsides:
    First, You have to use all of Jetpack. This includes a lot of bloat, things you probably don’t need.
    Second: Jetpack’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).  On one hand, by putting all your images in a fast outside server environment, it streamlines fast image delivery. But eh major minus is you can’t delete an image – each image is final, permanent. Want to edit and replace an image? You can’t. It must be a new one, and the old one remains on Jetpack’s site beyond your capability to delete it.There’s an application called Tiled Gallery without Jetpack, which is essentially Jetpack’s gallery. It’s poorly maintained and you more or less have to hack around with it to get it to work properly. It’s not for the beginner.
  5. A great Lightbox. It should handle social media, deeplinking, and be attractive and do everything else a lightbox should. For this I have chosen Foobox.